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  • A very common way of creating cohesion, or more specifically, avoiding repetion, is to leave out words that have occurred previously in the same sentence. This process is known as contraction. Likely candidates for this are pronouns (like hij in the first example below), but nouns are quite frequently left out too (like zwembaden in the second…[Read more]

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    Compare the following two Dutch texts. The content of the texts is identical, but they appear to be quite diferent. The first one comes across as a more readable and interesting text than the second.
    Monique Witteman uit Utrecht houdt van katten. Ze heeft een bijzondere hobby: zij schrijft poes Barend in voor elke poezententoonstelling in haar…[Read more]

  • Introduction
    Some Dutch verbs have a complex structure, e.g.: oversteken, voorstellen, plaatsvinden, aankomen. Verbs which are structured like this are called separable verbs, because the first element, the so-called prefix, can be separated from the verb. The prefix of each of these verbs (over-, af-, plaats- and aan-) are also words in their…[Read more]

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