The Dutch Learner’s Grammar was first written and produced in 2000 at the University of Hull by Agaath de Vries and Roel Vismans.

The Beginner’s Grammar was revised in 2004-05 by Christine Sas at University College London (UCL) and Roel Vismans at the University of Sheffield. The Advanced Dutch Grammar was revised in 2007-08.

In 2008 self-correcting exercises were developed by An Vanderhelst at UCL and Roel Vismans at the University of Sheffield as part of a Nederlandse Taalunie funded project to optimise the two grammars of Virtual Dutch.

In 2014-15 the grammars were revised by Eddy Verbaan and Roel Vismans at the University of Sheffield.

If you have any comments about this grammar, please send them to Roel Vismans.


When referring to this website, please do so as Roel Vismans, Agaath de Vries, Christine Sas, An Vanderhelst and Eddy Verbaan, The Dutch Learner’s Grammar, with the web address.

Find out more about Dutch Grammar

If you are interested in finding out more about the grammar of Dutch, you could visit the Elektronische ANS, the electronic version of the Algemene Nederlandse Spraakkunst or General Dutch Grammar. This is the most comprehensive Dutch reference grammar, published in two volumes in 1997.

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