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Negation is stating that something is not the case. In Dutch this mainly happens with the negative adverb niet. Its position depends on what element in the sentence is actually being negated. However, the word geen is normally used when an indefinite noun or noun group is negated. Geen is a fusion of the indefinite article (een) and the negative element (niet).  As a rule of thumb we can say that English ‘not’ is normally niet in Dutch, and an English negation with ‘no’ is normally rendered with geen in Dutch:

Alan drinkt niet vaak alcohol.
Alan does not often drinkt alcohol.

Alan drinkt geen alcohol.
Alan drinks no/does not drink any alcohol.

Apart from niet there are a number of other negative elements in Dutch.

Niet also has an emphatic positive counterpart: wel.

Go to the Curriculum tab to read more on Dutch negation.

There are also three exercises on negation.

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