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Pronouns (literally: ‘for a noun’) have a referring function. There are two ways in which they refer.

  1. Within a text a pronoun can refer to someone or something mentioned elsewhere in the text, the so-called antecedent. For example, in the following sentence hij refers to Alan earlier in the sentence; Alan is the antecedent.

    Alan wil gaan fietsen maar hij heeft een lekke band.
    Alan wants to go cycling but he has a puncture.

  2. But a pronoun can also refer directly to something in the real world, the so-called referent. For example, I may point to someone with a puncture (the referent) and say to you: Hij heeft een lekke band.

Becasue of this referring function, pronouns are important for the cohesion of a text. This course covers the seven most important Dutch pronouns. There are also several exercises.

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